London Festival of Education 2015

An event for teachers, parents, young people, policy makers and journalists, anyone with an interest in education.

Run by those who are passionate about education for those who are passionate about education. There will be talks, practical workshops and a vibrant mix of performances 
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Meet big names and hear their different ideas and perspectives. Follow your inclination, rather than a timetable, and make the day your own. Get your voice heard too.

This is a festival filled with challenging content and fun entertainment, and we want you to be part of it.

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"First: thank you. The day was stimulating, informative and inspiring. I appreciated it enormously and am very grateful for the enormous amount of planning that must have gone into it to make it happen." - Ben Thomas, Headteacher
"The event was MARVELLOUS = tremendously high quality of speakers and organisation, one of the most valuable days I've spent in ages, with a line-up that would be difficult to better." - Jenny Turner, London Review of Books
"Many thanks for the invitation and opportunity to participate in what I hope is the first of many festivals. The quality of speakers was extremely high, and contributed to the sense that this really was a focal point of for educational discourse of national significance." - Thomas Bennett, Festival Contributor and IOE alumni
"I was really impressed. Beyond my expectations, so something good to build on for next year.
Glad to be part of it." - Dominic Savage, Director General, BESA
"...the Festival was absolutely fantastic. It was lively, stimulating, imaginative and fun. My own regret is not being able to attend all the sessions. Congratulations. What an achievement." - Anne Nicholls, Communications and PR consultant, AN Communications